Battles and gains of an American born


4 episodes:
Each episode is a full length reality film.
All characters are real people in their real everyday situations.
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General content:

The main character – JOEY ACEVEDO – works hard, goes through adventures, initiates enterprises, solves issues to achieve his goals. He interacts with other characters, who are trend makers in their fields of activity.

CALIFORNIA JOE is a set of films, reflecting some side of a California life and corresponding to one of these American ideals:


"We are the best"


"We are immigrants"


"We are fun"


"We Are Content"

About Each Part


Joey manages PR for an American racing champion.

The spotlights:
American pride of being The First;
Parent's influence on children;
The power of team work

Content of the SPEEDWAY film
JOEY is the manager of the PR and promotional program for the motorbike speed-racing team, where AUSTING NOVRATIL races. Austin Novratil has finished the 2018 season in Speedway motorbike racing ranked as number two in America. “Today’s Cycle Coverage” magazine says "Novratil Dominates at Industry!"
Austin, 24, has been raised as a champion by his father, Michael Novratil, also a motorbike racer. As of today, Austin has won countless number of American competitions. Now his goal is to become America's No 1 racer and to race in Europe.
In the film we find out what it takes to have the spirit of a champion. Beginning with recognizing the talent, developing the skills with his father and strengthening with the power of a team.
What does it take to be the best? Is it the determination, is it a support from others, is it a team work or is it just a good motorcycle?
What is the work, which people do to raise a champion and how do they feel when he wins or loses?

The film will include lots of backstage elements showing the motorbike racing, speed, freedom, challenge and the atmosphere of competition.


Joey copes with a multicultural co-existence.

The spotlights:
A plexus of fortunes and misfortunes of immigrants in USA, based on historic examples of Japanese immigration;
Zen culture, Japanese garden and Koi ponds is an assimilation of other national cultures;
Multinational co-existence despite historical disagreements (nations in the World War II)

Content of the KOI ZONE film
The characters in this film are all of different ancestries. JULIA and DANIEL, the Client Couple, are Russian and German, they are both awards winning film directors, producers and writers. AlLINA is Joey's Assistant, a Polish girl who came to USA a couple of years ago. The GARDEN DESIGNER is from Japan.
In the Koi Zone film we will “dig” (literally and figuratively) into the Californian home owners' favorite zen place – a water pond for “magic” koi fish. Koi symbolize peace of mind, good luck and prosperity. Joey calls the garden area around a pond - Koi Zone. He says that if an environment is healthy for koi, it is, then, healing for everyone.
The deeper Joey digs into the new pond construction, the more we learn. Through the story of koi ponds in California we learn the history of Japanese culture, their immigration to USA and internment.

The film characters, united in the process of building the Koi Zone at Julia and Daniel's home yard, learn not only about the tragedy of Japanese immigration and detention in USA during the WWII, but also about each other cultures and the gifts of appreciation.


Joey builds a food business.

The spotlights:
Time to work vs time to relax;
What makes an American favorite hangout;
Classical American food vs International cuisine;
“Classic” American interior design;
American memorabilia

Content of the SPORTS BAR film
Joey and Brian create their bar business. They decide on style, design of the interior, set up food suppliers and solve all of the entertainment problems.


Joey dares to explore the world.

The spotlights:
Getting out of the Comfort Zone;
Obstacles and benefits of being American abroad;
The first impressions of a 60 year old American going abroad for the first time.

Content of the OUT OF COMFORT film
Joey decides to travel to other countries to see their authentic cultures. This is his first time outside the United States and now he has to deal with situations out of his comfortable world.

All characters, interacting with California Joe, are real people in their real everyday situations, who are trend makers in their fields of activity.

Main Character

JOE ACEVEDO is a South California born of Native American and Mexican decent. He is a typical blue color guy, born at a Californian family farm. The tattooed biker and former metal band manager has run a small business as an independent home contractor for over 20 years.

“Always likable since he was a kid”, as his brother says, Joe is the center of many projects, undertaken by his people around Southern California. These are guys like him, who builds the real America and are the true patriots of his country.


Jet Black forever

Going fast

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Austin Novratil's crew

When the rally's over

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Always up to something


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Rock-n-Roll forever

The music pro

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Friends everywhere

San Francisco

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With Bo and Honey

Glendora, Home

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idea, development, producing, directing, production, post-production

Angel investor

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Idea, the author, director, producer:

Vita Ramanenka

Vita Ramanenka (aka VITA RAMA) got her academic degree in Theory of Fine Arts. Following the inner call to be a journalist, she would join the Internews International as a news correspondent and a regional News Weekly anchor. Then, there were CNN World Report (as a contributor), the BBC World Service in Moscow (as producer assistant). Later she would upgrade TV journalism to directing documentaries and, as a documentary director, would create TV series for Russian TV broadcasts. At the recent period of her career, Vita worked at the Belarusfilm movie studios at her native country of Belarus and created number of motion features as an AD. At different times she's been involved in various music and video projects produced by Russian and American film pros.

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