• Koi Zone TV

    Koi Zone TV is a project run on YouTube for and with the Hanako Koi Ponds builders led by Joey Acvedo. Joey spent more than 20 years in the business and knows better how to make his clients' fish happy.
    Currently Koi Zone TV goes into an unscripted reality show format and is being on a pilot production stage, getting ready to be Pitched to Networks producers.

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  • Punk and Metal Booster

    This show on YouTube features people who are devoted to punk or metal music, or both, and spend their time or money, or both, to hold these genres alive. The show is hosted by Joey Acevedo, former manager of the Jet Black heavy metal band.

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  • Phil Bearz Production

    WaveDesign Production and Management aims to support by any possible means young talents. Phil Bearz is one of a such. WaveDPM supports his endeavours in making music, films and cartoons or drawing and other arts he likes to express himself with.

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  • Honey

    The project is on a pre-pre-production stage. It is going to feature dogs and their might be owners.

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