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is excited to meet new talents. Talents inspire to recreate a reality. We use imagination, words, sound and visual tools to make those inspirational talents featured and loved by many. 'Talent' means for us any talent not restricted to music and visual or perfoming arts. To boost waves of recognition around good things, we maintain their web presence, do images and films, connect with a good music and positive attitude. Also we find a propper place for them to be settled up and shining with a power. Browse through our featured Projects to get some quick idea about what we do exactly. And we do love the challenge of doing something different and something special for each case. Every talent is unique, each case demands custom made efforts.

Documentaries - Director, producing director:

TPO TDF Studio, Moscow:

  • 2006 «Just Fly» (52 min) – Extreme Video about paragliding skills and making the dream of flying a reality (III international Sports Film Festival in Lipetsk (participant), 2006);

  • 2006 «Touching Russia: The Tale» (26 min) – the documentary features both scientific and mysterious approaches to find proves of the existence of the proto civilization which would reveal “where all the people came from”;

  • 2006 «Touching Russia: The Origin» (26 min) – the documentary speaks of the Slavic pagan traditions to celebrate the sun seasons during a year period.

  • 2007 «Supporting Talents» (15 min) – the documentary features a unique linguistic educational program in one Spanish language school in Moscow.

  • 2007 «HIV-kids» (36 min) – documentary project by UNICEF discussing the HIV children adaptation issues

  • Golos TV Studios for the Russian TV3 broadcast channel:

  • 2008 Six episodes for the «Secret Signs» documentary series, based on Russian history and mixed with the theory of the mysterious

  • Independent:

  • 2007 «Mesivta» documentary tells how they teach boys to be a rabbis at a special Moscow school.

  • 2011 Documentary «Flymore. Live in Minsk» about the heavy metal band.

  • 2004-2015 Number of short promotional videos and promo reports.

  • Feature films, AD:

  • 2009-2010 «Massacre» Belarusfilm, Director Andrey Kudinenko, a motion picture/feature film, horror.

  • 2010 «The Russian Hero-Citie2010-2011 TV Series «Next Spin», Russia, Director Dmitry Astrakhan, (on field AD, 8 episodes)