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Our current developments

Epi and The X-Finder

A heiress of the largest fortune in Great Britain runs from the family's tradition of getting married to Los Angeles, seeing herself as a Talent Manager, but gets stuck as a venture investor and manager of a ​prodigious AI device, answering the major people's question "What should I do to succeed in life?"

Feature feel good romantic dramedy
Coming to America meets Big Bang Theory resulting as Love Actually spiced up with a fictional AI sci-fi

A special notice: “Epi and the X-Finder” is a loose sequel to ‘The Millionairess’, a theatrical play by George Bernard Shaw (1939). Current events are happening to the granddaughter of Mr. Shaw’s original character - Epifania Ognissanti di Parerga.

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Based on true events

The most peal and mysterious crime of XX century was the assassination of the US President J.F. Kennedy. Not many people know that the shooter had lived in the Soviet Union in the years leading up to the assassination. In the spring of 1993 Norman Mailer, the world famous writer, begins his own investigation. 
The USSR has collapsed already and KGB lets Mailer into its  archives. He is also meeting people who witnessed the life of Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk.

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Our Gurus

Phil Bearz

Director, editor, VFX


Vita Solzberg

Director, producer, CEO

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Igor Fly Mukhin

Sound Director

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